Friday, February 23, 2007

Web Banner Advertising Standards

Banner Size: The most popular web banner size is 468X60 pixels. It is present in the recent version of Photoshop. Before deciding your web banner size, make sure that the site where you want to display it will accept a banner of that size. Following is the list of standard banner sizes:

Banners and Buttons:

234 x 60 pixels (Half Banner)
392 x 72 pixels (Full banner with vertical navigation bar)
120 x 240 pixels (Vertical Banner)
125 x 125 pixels (Square Button)
120 x 90 pixels (Button 1)
120 x 60 pixels (Button 2)
88 x 31 pixels (Micro Button)
728X90 pixels (Leader Board)

Rectangle and Pop-Ups:

300X250 pixels (Medium Rectangle)
205X250 pixels (Square Pop Up)
336X280 pixels (Large Rectangle)
180X150 pixels (Rectangle)


160X600 pixels (Wide Skyscraper)
120X600 pixels (Skyscraper)
300X600 pixel (Half Page Ad)