Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Use of Web banner Ads in Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a perfect way to make your site more profitable. Banners are extensively used for this purpose. Its concept revolves around making more commission and sales.

Under this program, a website places its web banner or text link on other related sites in order to get more network traffic. When a viewer clicks on this banner or text link, he or she is diverted to the website which advertises the banner. If the user makes some transactions on the site, then the website that provided the link to you gets some amount of commission. In certain cases, payment is based on the number of clicks. In comparison to web banners, however, text links do not get as many numbers of clicks.

An effective banner design always gets more clicks. The effectiveness of your banner is based on its layout, colors and animation. Before selecting your banner size, find out what size is acceptable on the site where you want to display your web banner ad. You can use gif images or flash to animate your banner. Flash banners get better responses than gif banners. However, the main drawback of a flash banner is that it increases the load time of the banner.

Your banner design should be compatible with the webpage. It should seem like a part of the web page. Create web designs that convey an on-the-face message about your business or product. You can also avail of banner design companies that provide banner design services online.