Sunday, February 25, 2007

Corporate Logo Design

Corporate logo design is not just a part of your corporate jargon, it butters your bread by playing a significant role in building your corporate image in the market. Your corporate logo design needs to convey a comprehensive idea about your company values to the viewers. Your customer identifies you by your logo design, so much so that he or she might identify the product with your brand name, like happened in the case of Sony’s Walkman. So design the logo which is unique and easy to memorize, nonetheless delivers a shot which too is hard to forget!

The actual process of designing it may be achieved in-house or outsourced to professionals. There is now a plethora of logo designing companies that offer excellent logo designing for minimal charges. Some key points to be kept in mind for an effective corporate logo design are:

1. Simplicity: Don’t build into your logo Aristotle’s philosophy on life. Keep it simple and memorable. Companies spend thousands of bucks to make their logos more effective and eye catching, rather than complex and diverting. Remember how when you see SONY, you see perfection.

2. Colors: Colors are not an integral component to logo design but important to brand recognition. Colors express emotions, with each color popularly standing for one emotion or the other. However, use only a few colors instead of using all the colors from the visible spectrum of the rainbow! If you already have your corporate color, use those colors in your corporate logo.

3. Compatibility: Compatibility plays a key role. Compatibility of colors used in the logo and the logo itself with the business stationary used (Cards, letterhead and envelope etc). Also keep in mind that your logo should look good in black and white since your corporate logo design used in all corporate communications (Fax, photocopied document etc.) will be a black and white combination.

4. Promotion: The next step after the design process is to promote your logo. Avail of quality printing services. Print your logo on your business stationary as well as on your products. This will go a long way in popularizing your corporate logo.

5. Don't Use Logo Design Software: Using logo design software will successfully kill your logo even before it’s started! Such softwares offer cheap shortcuts in the form of pre-designed templates and images and allow you to add your company name in the end of the murk. Quite predictably, logos created using such softwares are uncommonly common. So veer away from such cheap means. If you want your logo to be the best, then it deserves services that are the best.