Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Logo Design Myths

1. In the Flick of a Finger: Rome was certainly not built in a day. Neither is a logo. A logo is an epitome of a company’s idea, conception and image. So time is one of the most important investments to achieve a good logo design. So invest it in excavating information about the company, its value, market image and the target market.

2. Complicated Graphics: Aesthetics comprise a significant part of a professional logo design process. However, just as with SFX (special effects), the more natural it is, the more effective it is. On the other hand, the graphics used in a logo will trigger off different responses in different sets of audience. Hence, a logo needs to be designed in keeping with customer priorities, the target audience and the kind of message that a company wants to convey to its customer.

3. Illustrative Logo is a Better Choice: A picture is worth much more than just a thousand words. However, a picture appeals to different people through different channels. Hence, the decision regarding the adoption of a more or a less illustrative logo should be based solely on market research, rather than on client or designer assumptions.

4. Paint the Town Red: Achieving a unique logo design doesn’t require a multitude of colors to grab the viewer’s attention; face the fact that if your logo doesn’t look good in black and white, it would not look good in any other colors! Hence, instead of using a plethora of colors, use single or a combination of colors that would represent your company well and will be a sight for sore eyes!