Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How to promote your logo design?

Promoting a company logo, in a nutshell, is quite a tough nut to crack, with most people being unaware of the not only the business tips but the ground-rules which define the framework of effective logo-promotion. A few of the promotional technique are given below:

1. Good Logo Design: You can’t have the edifice without building the foundation. A good logo design is the foundation on which is built the edifice of its effective promotion. Brush and re-brush until you’ve hit upon the perfect logo design. Make it simple and eye catching. Steer clear from using cheap logo design methods or logo design software, for they can your be worst bane. Access professional help from a good logo design company. Once you have found the right logo designer, take part in each and every design step and discuss with your designer all your general and specific needs. Keep in mind your company values and target audience to achieve positive brand-building.

2. Stationary: The next step is to select matching business stationary design, which includes business cards, letterheads and envelopes. Your logo design should be adaptable to this stationary. Some factors that effect business stationary design are targeted audience, company values and the type of industry. Since, the first impression is, more often than not, the last impression, hence take care to make it an effective and pleasurable one. Use good quality resources. Ditch your old cheap and poor quality printer in favor of a good one. Another option is to use online printing services.

3. Logo printed t-shirts: Surprises have this habit of not ceasing. Hence, was born a stylish and funky way of promoting your logo. Wear it on your t-shirt! All you need to do is to print your logo design on t-shirts, wear them or distribute them amongst your friends, relatives and colleagues. It will cost you a few bucks but will yield high returns in terms of brand popularization. This technique is however restricted only to a particular area unless you plan to ship them all throughout the country!

4. Sponsor Local Functions: Sponsorships help you to reach a wider audience. Sponsoring local school, college or youth functions exposes you to an audience that is mixed in nature, in terms of needs and traits. Print your logo design on banners and hang them wherever they can be hung! Take pictures of these banners. You can also give out logo printed t-shirts to the people and take their pictures in the logo-printed t-shirts. Use these pictures on your website, magazine, newsletter or the information brochure of your company.

5. Identify your customer: Last but certainly not the least, identify your target audience. Your logo should be designed in accordance with your target market. If you are from the corporate sector, please ensure that you use a Corporate Logo design. Spend some time to search about your target market and plan your advertising budget for this area of market. This is will ensure a higher return on your investment.