Sunday, February 18, 2007

Keys to effective Logo Design

Before designing a logo, we need to understand the purpose of a logo. A logo defines your company. It charts out your identity and cuts out a niche for you under the sun. It’s upon you to make it a cozy and enviable one.

A perfect logo will boost your visibility and brand image in the market. It will strengthen your integrity and enhance your brand popularity, which would quantify into more sales for you. Hence, an effective logo designing process is indispensable.

To design an effective logo, you first need to understand the types of logo prevalent in the market. Some of the commonly used logo types are given below:

1. Text Logo Design: The text logo design focuses on text and style. It’s the best choice for corporations whose names define their functions, for example, TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services). To enhance its effectiveness, you can use different fonts and colors. Text based designs are usually used in case of insufficient funds or the company name not being an established one.

2. Symbol Logo Design: This type of logo design includes only symbols, images and shapes but not text. These images convey complete or abstract image of the business or company. Hence, it’s recommended to use symbol logo design for your company only if it has a high level of brand recognition or you have a unique symbol that defines you in the industry. Symbol logo design is highly non-preferable for start-ups.

3. Text and Symbol Logo Design: Text and Symbol logo design includes both the business name and the symbol. Different approaches of alignments and orientation are used to integrate text and symbol. Text and Symbol logo is the best choice for medium and small size companies or start-ups. Over and above that, a Text and Symbol logo is easy to copyright compared to the symbol logo design since in the former the logo is used in conjunction with the business name.