Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Website Design Basics

In Today’s world a website is need of every business, organization or an individual. It is the fastest and cheapest medium to reach more people around the world. It helps to expand business worldwide. Design and appearance of a web site play an important role to attract visitors to your website.

Here are some basic website design tips that would help in designing an attractive and productive website for you:

1. Do Some Research: Before making any decision check out some related web site for design, layout or scheme? This will surely helps to make better decision.

2. Try something different and unique: Always go for inimitable design. Add some animations, pictures, etc. to make website more appealing. But do not overdone web site with animations and pictures because this make webpage heavy and it take long time for loading.

3. Content: Content should be simple and easy to understand. It should be solely related to your website. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistake. Use different font style to make content more interesting. To make content more understandable use some examples.

4. Colors: Colors reflect aptitude and perception. Colors have a considerable impact on people’s emotional state. Always use good and soothing color combination in your website. To much bright colors make web site visitors physically sick because their eyes are bombarded by those loud colors.

5. Compatibility: About 80% user of internet around the world use the Microsoft internet explore for browsing and rest 20% use the Netscape, Mozilla Firefox etc. so check out compatibility of your WebPages with these browsers and make required changes.

6. Music: Avoid using music on your WebPages because some people do not like music on website. Also, the download time of these sites is long. Another problem can be the quality of sound that is being streamed to the website visitor. Always keep in mind that visitor may not agree with your music preference and it may turn him/ her away from your website no matter how attractive the website design is.

7. Speed Matters: On internet, speed is a critical factor. Many people still use slow dialup connections. So load time of webpage should be as less as possible. Make your webpage as light as possible.

8. Divide Your Work: Users always avoid long pages, and may not have enough time to read all the content. So better approach is dividing long pages into small pages. Put some hyperlinks to specific topics on a website page.

9. Frames: Frames create many problems with all kinds of browsers. With frames it is hard to get a decent rank with the search engines. Try using minimum frames in your web site design.

10. Simple things are preferred: People love simple things. Nobody likes to do or learn difficult things. Make your site simple so that it is easy for visitor to navigate your website. These simple tips will provide you a basis for putting up the best website design for your business.